Designed by Michael Gold for the Baltimore Sun
Designed by Michael Gold for the Baltimore Sun

If you can read this, then you must still have an Internet connection — or at least service on your smartphone. Why not put it to good use browsing through the Baltimore Sun‘s free digital valentines?

Several different artists are represented in the collection of 13 Baltimore-themed love notes. Some are too good, like Michael Gold’s speed camera valentine, pictured above. In eight words it manages to be flirty and to rag on the city in a way that only a true Baltimorean would understand.

Another favorite is this one by Olivia Hubert-Allen:


Nailed it!

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  1. it is well worth going through the link to check them out — my favorite is a toss-up between the Navy Blimp flying over downtown Baltimore, captioned, “I’ve had my eye on you,” and the picture of Edgar Allen Poe, captioned, “I think we have romantic Poe-tential”!!! Hilarious!

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