The Chesapeake Bay Has a Lot More Blue Crabs Than Usual This Year

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blue-crabBlue crabs are key to the Chesapeake Bay’s place as a seafood power, as well as the summer satisfaction of our stomachs in Maryland. This year, the crustaceans are more plentiful than ever.

According to an annual dredge survey by the state’s Department of Natural Resources, the blue crab population is up to 553 million. That’s a 35 percent increase over 2015, and the fourth-highest total in two decades.

Along with regulations that manage crab stocks to make sure there are still crawlers to feed our cravings each year, the milder winter and favorable tides played into the increase in population.

“With an increase in abundance and steady recruitment, we fully anticipate a robust crab season this year,” said Fisheries Service Director Dave Blazer.

Now, bring on the Old Bay.

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