Cinemark Towson Screwed up ‘Black Panther’ Screenings Last Night, and People Were Not Happy About it

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The anticipation for the premiere of “Black Panther” has been building up for months. Marvel’s super hero film, set in the fictional East African country Wakanda, has sold advance tickets at record-breaking rates. Activist and community groups, as seen here in Baltimore, have bought up “thousands of tickets,” according to Forbes.

After all that build-up, theatergoers in Towson last night were turned away from multiple showings at the Cinemark and XD after being told there was a malfunction, as ABC2 reported.

“There was a long refund line so everyone who purchased a ticket in support of the movie are now getting their money back,” Brandie Garland told the network. “Originally when we got to the box office they were saying they were having some difficulties, but they said it wouldn’t be an issue they were pretty sure the movie was going to show.”

Other people on social media were not pleased.

Aside from tweets directing people to refunds, the company has not released any information about the problem. Baltimore Fishbowl has reached out to a Cinemark spokesperson for comment.

Brandon Weigel

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  1. Every screening was not cancelled. The 10:20 showing happened, but it was a 3D showing and I’m pretty sure they screened the 2D version in the theater instead (after a significant delay)

    It was still worth the trouble and the wait

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