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Union Craft Brewing’s sprawling new digs offer a fun place for drinkers to gather and play, with cornhole sets, a nifty old trailer-photo booth, game machines and more. It might just be too fun, when it comes to families.

In an announcement today, the Medfield brewery said its staff can no longer serve as “babysitter”” for the kids while the parents enjoy a taste. Thus, a new “Adult Swim” rule: It’s now grown-ups only, no-kids-allowed, after 6 p.m. from Wednesday through Sunday, the days when the taproom is open.

“Parents: We’ve really been struggling with the amount of unattended children running amok in our tap room and around the property,” the brewery said in a Facebook post. “We want to remain family friendly but we need to work together to ensure our guests are safe and satisfied with their experience here. Our staff are not babysitters.”

Children have been playing in or on “couches, tables, [the] photo-trailer, and beer garden,” causing damage to the premises and “impacting the experience of other guests at the brewery,” the brewery said.

Union’s taproom opens at noon every day, so technically the kids aren’t banned. But they are barred from joining their parents for happy hour and beyond.

While some patrons responded supportively to the post, many parents reacted critically, asking that the brewery consider pushing its curfew back or setting clearer boundaries for what kids are allowed to do. The brewery responded to one comment saying it would mull other options, noting, “We have a lot of feedback to consider now!”

The craft beer explosion has made for interesting conflicts like this, with parents having new options other than going to the local bar to grab a drink, and the ability to oftentimes bring their children or dog(s) along with them. Union may be the first local brewery to create a restriction tackling such a conflict, but it’s certainly not the first one to do so.

Some Baltimore breweries that will still let you bring your kids: Peabody Heights in Abell (with rooms offering books and games, to boot), Diamondback Brewing in Locust Point, Oliver Brewing in Orchard Ridge and Monument City Brewing in Baltimore Highlands.

And if you must bring the kids to Union Collective, remember there’s always the alternate option to treat them to a scoop at the Charmery’s Ice Cream Factory.

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  1. Leave the darlings at home. If parents don’t ant to watch their kids, why do they think anyone else want to?

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