City Councilman’s Car Broken Into. For the 3rd Time. In 8 Days.

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Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young must be feeling that the world is against him. His vehicle has been broken into three times in eight days, according to the Baltimore Sun

To add insult to injury, one of the break-ins happened right in front of City Hall. There are security cameras there, of course–but they weren’t working at the time of the crime. The break-ins cost Young a phone, a watch, and various other items. Car burglaries are up two percent this year in the city. To avoid falling prey to the same crime, make sure to keep your windows rolled up and don’t leave any valuables in plain view. But other than that, car break-ins are kind of a fact of life in Baltimore– a sad fact that Young understands.

“I feel like any other citizen of Baltimore,” Young told the Sun. “Crime hits everyone, even the president.”

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  1. Welcome to our world. Maybe after twice you should have learned to leave nothing in view… or in the car at all! I might add… the security cameras at City Hall not working? THAT is the real story here. (And no big surprise.)

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