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Council’s upcoming New Orleans trip to vet Harrison should cost far less than Fort Worth visit

Image via the New Orleans Police Department

For the second time in as many months, Baltimore City Council members will fly south to interview people who worked with the mayor’s police commissioner nominee (also her second in two months). But this time around, the city is sending half as many members to cut costs by more than half.

City Councilman’s Car Broken Into. For the 3rd Time. In 8 Days.



Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young must be feeling that the world is against him. His vehicle has been broken into three times in eight days, according to the Baltimore Sun

On the Baseball Field, Baltimore’s Public and Private Schools Compete, Collide, Unite


President’s Cup from Julie Simon Productions on Vimeo.

BaseballJulie Simon, associate professor in the University of Baltimore’s School of Communications Design and a former network television producer, set out to make a documentary about high school baseball, but not for any of the wind-in-your-hair reasons you might expect. (Be sure to check out the moving trailer above, featuring narration by former O’s broadcaster Jon Miller.)

“I really don’t have [an] interest in baseball,” Simon says. “I’m a fair weather Oriole fan. What interested me about this piece was the story, not the sport…”

The fantastic 2012 tournament story that drew Simon’s camera focus links back more than 20 years to a time when public and private high school students in Baltimore City competed regularly on the baseball diamond in one league. Black and white students engaged; a diverse klatch of parents filled the stands to root for kids who would never have been brought together otherwise.