City Dining Cards – delicious discounts all over Charm City

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I’d seen City Dining Cards around town but didn’t really get what they were all about . Then, I met up with Will Glass, who run this creative and cost saving program here in Baltimore to learn more. As we sat at lunch at The Food Market, Chef Chad Gauss joined us and sang the praises of the cards – he loves them!

Basically, you buy a deck of 50 discount cards for $20 and you get $10 when you use each of the cards at various local restaurants. Of the 50 restaurants, I spied places I like a lot – Peter’s Inn, The Food Market, Birroteca, Of Love & Regret and tons more.

There is a minimum charge of $30 to use the card and you cannot use it for alcohol, tip or tax – just food. Also, it cannot be combined with other discounts or on pre-fixe menus, special events, etc. Also, it’s for dining in only – which I love, as it gets you into local restaurants, giving them much-needed patrons!

Also, there’s Drink Deck cards – basically a similar discount card program for bars, cafes and restaurants. Each Drink Deck card gets you buy-one-get-one-free deals on drinks (with the purchase of food.)

I think a deck of City Dining Cards would make a great holiday gift – especially if you have friends who love going out and saving money. Organizations can also sell them as a fundraisers.

Buy them online or at area retailers. I’m blowing through my deck!



Amy Langrehr

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