City Health Clinic Sees Rash of Break-Ins

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A Baltimore Health Department-run clinic is apparently being targeted by burglars.

According to a statement from Health Commissioner Leana Wen, the Eastern Clinic in the 600 block of N. Caroline St. has had three break-ins over the last month. The latest incident happened Tuesday night. In that case, no patient files or medication appeared to be missing.

The string of break-ins started on the weekend of July 9. Stolen and damaged items taken in the incidents included TVs, laptops and bus tokens meant for low-income people.

“It saddens and disappoints me that our Eastern Health Clinic has fallen victim to this unprecedented pattern of criminal acts which have disrupted our ability to provide essential health services to Baltimore residents,” Wen said in a statement.

The clinic has mostly remained open despite the incidents. Wen added that police and security have been increased in the area as a result.

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