The Baltimore City Paper just got called out for a relatively tasteless entry in its Best of Baltimore issue (out today).  The Best Selection of Yoga Pants… To View got awarded to the Canton Safeway. Meaning, it’s the best place to check out women’s butts. Sigh. City Paper, we figured you for smarter/less creepy than this. As a writer for Jezebel notes, “while some ladies may be wearing their Lululemons to the Safeway because they want to look stylish and bootylicious, others are probably wearing them because they just came from working out and now they need to buy some food.” The entry itself is garnering quite a few comments on the City Paper’s website, most of them agreeing with the recent Twitter post from Red Prairie Press:  “Faux sexism isn’t clever or witty writing… Bmore wants better content.”

2 replies on “City Paper’s "Best of" Spurs Feminist Backlash”

  1. Funny, they have already removed it from there website. Not as easy to remove it from the print version, i bet.

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