City Seeks Proposals for Lexington Market and the Avenue Market

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Photo via Lexington Market/Facebook

The City of Baltimore is seeking assistance from developers to rejuvenate two public properties: Lexington Market and the Avenue Market.

The Baltimore Public Markets Corporation today issued one request for proposals from “developer teams or consultants” who can provide fee-based services to help build a new market on the parking lot south of the current market at 400 W. Lexington Street, as well as remove the Arcade building.

Specific requested services include construction oversight, project financing arrangement, vendor recruitment and leasing and tenant coordination, among others.

The markets corporation issued a second request for proposals from teams interested in taking control of the Avenue Market on Pennsylvania Avenue near Laurens Street in Upton.

According to that offering, “qualified developers are sought to lease and redevelop the property into a newly improved public market that will serve the city’s objectives for job creation, tax creation, attractive design, and a project that fits within the context of the existing neighborhood.”

May 16 at noon is the deadline for Lexington Market submissions. May 30 at noon is the deadline for Avenue Market submissions. More information is available here.

Ed Gunts

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