Comcast Will Test New Streaming TV Service in Baltimore

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Streaming and on-demand programming are the future of television. But while upstarts like Netflix and Hulu are hustling for your streaming attention (and your monthly subscription fees), older media companies want to get in on the frenzy, too. Case in point: Comcast, the nation’s biggest cable company, which announced a pilot program for streaming television that will be tested in Baltimore within a few months.

Comcast’s new Stream service will provide customers with programming from 15 streaming television channels, including HBO. According to the Baltimore Sun, Comcast Stream will launch in Boston this summer, and slowly spread throughout other Comcast cities–including Baltimore–by 2016.

While some critics are already suspicious of Stream, others were more neutral-positive. If you’re intrigued, you can keep tabs on Stream’s roll-out here. As for me, I’ll keep piggybacking on my parents’ HBO Go password for now.

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