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This weekend marks a special exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art:   FYI…For Your Inspiration 2013 Baltimore City Public Schools Art Exhibition is a free event to be held May 7-11, 2014.  For the 8th year, this citywide student art exhibition will present artwork by 400 students, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, from 90 Baltimore City public schools.  Darren Freeman, an 8th grade student at the Baltimore Design School was one artist selected to exhibit.


While the Baltimore Design School is proud to have had the works of many students chosen for this honor,  Darren’s parents wanted to make sure they acknowledged his hard work.  As part of an assignment in Ms. Stephanie Cafaro’s Studio Art Class at BDS, students (referred to as Designers) were tasked with drawing self portraits for their portfolios.  Darren worked diligently for 30+ hours to complete this masterpiece, detailing every pant crease, each book, and capturing the light patterns through the window.  This Designer’s talent is impressive, as is his commitment to his studies, integrity, and respect for those around him.


To see Darren’s work, visit the Baltimore Museum of Art this weekend, to appreciate this Designer’s art and the budding talent of 399 other BCPS students.

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