Connections Matter!

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Recently Whit Harvey sold one of his listings that had only been on the market for one day. What seller wouldn’t want their home to sell with only one open house and a couple of showings? After meeting Whit, this particular buyer did not even request a buyer’s agent – they were THAT comfortable with Whit and his team. They knew they would be treated fairly.

Not only that – the buyer decided to use the Whit Harvey Group to sell their current home. Upon signing the listing agreement the wife stated, “ I can’t believe I’m hiring you as our real estate agent without interviewing several others. I’ve never done that before.”

This is not unusual, because both buyers and sellers come to understand that Whit has their best interests at heart. His personal and professional sphere of influence allows him to know who is looking for houses in specific areas, and his good relationships with other agents allows him to know when a particular home is coming on the market that meets a certain person’s criteria.

If it’s his buyer, he can contact them immediately and he will also do that for people he knows that are not his clients! Whit recently called the agent of an acquaintance of his to let her know that a home was going to be coming available that this person may like – and it wasn’t even his listing! When that one did not work out, he called the agent again to let her know that he had just listed a home that might be a match.

“The best case scenario for me? Having a seamless transaction between a buyer and my seller, and then selling THAT buyer’s home for them the same way!” – Whit Harvey

Lots of folks say they are a people person, but Whit really is. That is part of what makes him a great agent. He knows people, and he knows people who know people who are in the market for new homes. In the real estate market, connections matter.

Photo of Whit, his wife Joanne and dog Lily by Shannon Strong.


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