“Mom, Dad, when is camp going to start this summer?” It’s the question many parents are fielding this winter as we approach the one-year-mark of living through a global pandemic. Fortunately, it appears as though families have found their groove and are looking for ways to celebrate the resiliency and strength of their children with a fun-filled summer – at camp.

We asked some local camp directors to give us an idea of what’s in store for campers this summer.

What can children (and by proxy their families) gain from attending camp this summer?

Emily – More than ever kids need a sense of normalcy in this very abnormal time and camp is a place where kids not only get to feel like kids again, but they can grow in a fun, safe and enriching environment. Children build friendships, develop teamwork, learn new skills and step out of their comfort zone at camp. After this school year, kids need to go to a place where they can be supported in their social and emotional needs that for many have been lacking in a virtual environment.

Marty – This summer – more than any other time – our kids are going to need camp. They need time with their friends, time outside, time away from home, away from screens. Camps will help them. Camp have supports in place and we will be working with our teams throughout the year leading up to camp.

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