Cover the Earth… with Toxic Waste

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Okay, so they weren’t covering the whole Earth with it, but the EPA did allege that the Cleveland based paint company Sherwin-Williams violated hazardous waste regulations in its storage of waste products for prolonged periods of time, and in leaking containers at its factory in southwest Baltimore.

Sherwin-Williams has agreed to pay a $570,000 fine, but has not admitted to breaking the violation.

I guess when your plan is to cover the Earth, you’ve got to start somewhere. Why not Sowebo? But seriously, what’s the deal with that slogan?

Sherwin-Williams’ website explains that the hundred year old logo featuring the terse imperative was intended to demonstrate the company’s desire “to help beautify and protect the buildings of the world.” Huh? I don’t see any buildings being protected (and certainly not beautified) in the scenario depicted. I see absolute global destruction that begins at Eurasia and drips its way to the western hemisphere.

What do you think? Is “Cover the Earth” just a snappier way of saying “Beautify and Protect Every Building?”

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