CSA with Alaskan Fish…WHAT?

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Sustainably caught (by the owner, Gaylord Clark— flash-frozen fish, seafood, mostly from Alaska

Two Oceans True Foods  knows you want to eat lean protein.  Now you’ll can have fish in your freezer—make a fish dinner when you want!  Yes, it’s similar to other meal plans like Blue Apron, and it’s Made in Baltimore!  Sustainably caught (by the owner, Gaylord Clark—who has all the fancy credentials), flash-frozen fish, seafood, mostly from Alaska (because that is where he has his fishing boat).  You also receive eggs, chicken, recipes and items from local purveyors (in a insulated bag).  Haven’t heard of TOTF (Two Oceans True Foods)?  It is sustainable caught, or responsibly raised—the real deal.  Here is the intel:  family farm, for forty years, on Hillside Road — just north of the Mt Washington neighborhood. They raise heritage chickens, eggs and heritage turkeys on their bucolic farm. Their sustainable fish comes from Gaylord’s fishing boat in Alaska.  The calligraphy on their packaging is done by Lee Ann, Gaylord’s wife, a professional calligrapher to some notable people in DC (sorry, can’t name names!).
They kept hearing “Where can I buy sustainably caught fish and poultry we’d trust?” Hence, CSAFish was born.  Here are the testimonials:
  • “pickups are monthly: that is super convenient to my busy life”,
  • “the basket has fish and seafood protein AND lots of eggs! I pull the fish from the freezer, and have dinner within the hour”
  • “I wish I knew about this before!”
  • “the eggs from Carriage House are so beautiful”
  • “I love the honey you gave us this month!!”


Know enough to sign up?   Want to be a member, too?  C’mon, Baltimore, sign up—3 months, 350$, each month you get 4# of fish, minimum (portioned, for easy thaw), 2 dozen egg, a chicken, a surprise item from another local vendor they love, and a recipe to bring it all together!  Sign up now…well, by April 10thhttp://twooceanstruefoods.csasignup.com/members/types


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