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J Ilburn custom menswear available in Baltimore

We’ve all seen (or maybe even patronized) Big & Tall stores—those menswear boutiques specializing in clothes for men who are simply beyond the usual cuts. But even if you’re not “big & tall,” you might be “weirdly long-armed” or “short-torso-ed with ripples” or “skinny in a concave kind of way.” It takes all kinds. Plus, even if the measuring tape swears you’re a perfect fit for a standard cut, sometimes the mass-produced clothes cut and made very far away from you and your perfectly standard physique just don’t do the job. Sometimes you want something that fits, as Baby Bear once put it, “juuuuuust right.”

That seems to be the idea behind J. Hilburn, a menswear company that specializes in high-quality (luxury, they call it) menswear that is custom fit for the customer at (check this out) a reasonable price. Yes, they are selling luxury clothes with an eye on keeping them a good value. Not only that, the process of getting a piece of J.Hilburn clothing begins with a style consultant who comes to you! The consultant meets you whenever and wherever is convenient for you (so cool) and the two of you discuss what you’re looking for, while they get your measurements. When all is said and done, you’ve got a piece of quality clothing that is 100% guaranteed to fit, and we’re guessing 100% guaranteed to  make you feel like a million bucks.

Baltimore’s J. Hilburn style consultant is Cindy Knipp. She can be found at or [email protected].

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