Dangerous Heroin Blend Is Killing Marylanders

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Yes, “dangerous heroin blend” is a redundant phrase. Heroin alone is plenty lethal and responsible for hundreds of deaths in the U.S. every year. Despite initial speculation to the contrary, the heroin that killed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman likely wasn’t laced with anything, for example. Still, cutting the drug with fentanyl — a prescription pain killer “50-80 times more potent” than heroin — makes it far more deadly.

Unfortunately, fentanyl-laced heroin has made a comeback in Maryland and, according to WJZ, is responsible for 37 deaths across the state so far this year. The heroin blend is so powerful that users can get high just absorbing it through their skin.

With the new drug has a new rash of crimes, says Anne Arundel County Police, as addicts look for ways to fund their habits. “We’ve talked about BGE, copper thefts at their sites, at Verizon sites, ATT sites,” said Lt. T.J. Smith. “These are heroin addicts.”


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