Del. Mosby, 80 other state lawmakers call for racial breakdown in coronavirus data

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Photo via Del. Nick Mosby/Facebook

Del. Nick Mosby and 80 of his fellow members of the Maryland House of Delegates are calling on Gov. Larry Hogan to instruct the Maryland Department of Health to release a racial breakdown of the state’s coronavirus cases.

In a letter to Hogan on Monday, Mosby said releasing COVID-19 data by race would provide “a complete picture of the impact this deadly virus is having on Marylanders.”

The health department currently reports the county, age and gender of Marylanders who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The department also reports the number of new confirmed cases each day, the change in the total number cases over time, the number of hospitalizations ever due to the coronavirus, and how many individuals have been released from isolation.

Reporting patients’ race would help curtail racial discrimination and biases in healthcare when it comes to testing and treatment for the virus, Mosby’s letter said.

“Racial health disparities and discrimination produce persistent negative outcomes on poor communities of color,” he said. “Access to care, implicit bias, and other barriers to diagnosis and treatment further imperil communities already on the frontlines of multiple public health threats.”

The lawmakers asking for the number of COVID-19 tests, confirmed cases, inpatient hospitalizations and deaths broken down by race.

They are also asking for the department to report the number of positive and negative COVID-19 cases by the resident’s zip code.

Prior to today’s letter, Mosby, who is running for Baltimore City Council President, has publicly nudged Hogan spokesperson Michael Ricci for the data to include race.

The Washington D.C. government on Monday began releasing a racial breakdown of the city’s coronavirus data, revealing that black residents comprised a disproportionately larger percentage of D.C.’s COVID-19 deaths.

Per Monday’s data, of the the 1,097 D.C. residents who tested positive for COVID-19 as of Sunday, 28 percent were black and 12 percent were white.

Yet of the 24 D.C. residents who have died from COVID-19, 58.3 percent were black and 16.6 percent were white.

Other cities that have broken down their coronavirus data by race have followed a similar trend.

In Chicago, 70 percent of the patients who have died from COVID-19 were black, while black people make up less than 30 percent of the city’s population.

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  1. Go ahead and release it. I welcome it especially the neighborhoods. I have witnessed people standing together in a crowd of more than ten. I have seen the police tell them to disburse that they were violating the Governor’s order. They gave the police “the finger”, “twerking” at the police and saying they don’t have to move. So it’s no wonder more people are getting it. But it always has to do with race or maybe it’s just a way some want it portrayed so they can be re-elected. The politicians should be telling people over and over again to keep a distance from each other in their disricts.


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