DeRay Mckesson Racks Up More Big Deal, Out-of-Town Backers

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Earlier this month, mayoral candidate and Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson won an endorsement from actress Susan Sarandon. It turns out she’s not the only non-Baltimorean who has strong feelings about who should be running the city.

A number of prominent tech executives, including Omid Kordestani (executive chairman of Twitter), Stewart Butterfield (founder of Slack), Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix), and Gisel Kordestani (founder of Crowdpac) each donated $6,000 to Mckesson’s campaign.

Mckesson is known as a savvy and popular Twitter user (Beyonce follows him!), so perhaps it’s no surprise that the tech elite are backing him. But the question remains: Will he be able to parlay his online support into actual votes during the April 26 primary?

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