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Sheila Dixon Eyeing Write-In Bid for Mayor



Former Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon is eyeing a write-in campaign to get back into her old office this November, multiple outlets report.

DeRay Mckesson Racks Up More Big Deal, Out-of-Town Backers



Earlier this month, mayoral candidate and Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson won an endorsement from actress Susan Sarandon. It turns out she’s not the only non-Baltimorean who has strong feelings about who should be running the city.

Susan Sarandon Endorses a Candidate for Mayor of Baltimore


Actress Susan Sarandon arrives at the Time 100 gala celebrating the magazine's naming of the 100 most influential people in the world for the past year in New York

As far as I know, Susan Sarandon doesn’t live in Baltimore. Nonetheless, she has an opinion about who she’d like to see become our next mayor.

Joshua Harris on His Run for Mayor of Baltimore, What Basketball Taught Him and Creating Jobs Through Energy Efficiency


Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris, a community organizer and nonprofit co-founder, puts his leadership and campaign skills to the test as he runs in the crowded race for mayor of Baltimore. Exuding confidence, Harris shared in an interview with Baltimore Fishbowl why he believes he’s uniquely qualified for the job.


Among the highlights, Harris explained how playing basketball prepared him to be mayor, touched on his plans to use renewable energy to spark an economic resurgence, talked about turning Baltimore’s vacant homes from eyesores into assets and explained why the unrest of April 2015 wouldn’t have happened under his watch. Read the full interview for more about Harris and his take on these and other significant issues facing Baltimore City:

Sheila Dixon on Leadership, Crime, and the Power of Forgiveness



Sheila Dixon has one qualification that her opponents in the Baltimore mayoral race don’t: She’s already done the job. From 2007-2010, Dixon served as the city’s first female mayor. Two years into her term, she was indicted for fraud committed while in office. That case ended with her acquitted on the most serious counts of theft and misconduct while in office, but found guilty for misappropriating gift cards that were intended for poor residents. But after resigning as mayor as part of her plea agreement, Dixon continued to be involved in the city–and last year, she made it clear that she wanted her old job back.

In this crowded field, Dixon, 61, faces the unique challenge of building on her past expertise while also distancing herself from her past mistakes. We spoke with her about what she’s learned in recent years–and how she would govern the city, if given the chance to do so again:

Sum up your life philosophy in one sentence.

Never let a moment pass when you’re not using the talents God gave you to make a difference in the lives of others.

When did you define your most important goals, and what are they?

I’m my best self when I’m active and doing something positive in the community. I have high expectations for myself, my family and the city of Baltimore, as my children Jasmine and Joshua would tell you. Even back when I was a teacher, I saw talented students who were being held back so I would sneak them into a higher-level class so they could be challenged.

Nick Mosby Has a 15-Point Plan for Baltimore



Saying that Baltimore needed a holistic vision rather than individual programs or initiatives, mayoral candidate Nick Mosby offered a broad plan to improve the city on Tuesday.

Patrick Gutierrez on His Run for Mayor of Baltimore, How He Would’ve Handled Unrest, and His Stint as a Sportswriter


Patrick Gutierrez

Patrick Gutierrez has been a bank manager, a sports writer, and a stay-at-home dad. Now he’s hoping to start a new career as Mayor of the City of Baltimore. Gutierrez grew up in the small desert town of Indio, California, about two hours east of Los Angeles and seemingly a world away from Baltimore, but he says the two areas share a similarity he values highly: community connectedness. If the Democrat is chosen to serve as Mayor of Baltimore, he promises leadership driven by accountability, transparency, and a genuine desire to serve.

We caught up with Gutierrez on the campaign trail to learn more about his background, his preparedness to serve the residents of Baltimore and his plans to improve his adopted city, including quelling violence, tackling substance abuse, and other tough challenges.

How did you make your way here and where in Baltimore do you live now?  

The 12th Mayoral Candidate Has Entered the Race



We now have a full dozen Democrat mayoral wannabes in Baltimore, now that another candidate has announced his intentions to run.

Businessman David Warnock Enters Baltimore Mayoral Race


David Warnock

The crowded Baltimore mayoral race just got a little more complicated with the entrance of a new candidate: local millionaire David Warnock.

Two More Enter Crowded Race to Become Baltimore’s Next Mayor



Baltimore’s upcoming mayoral race is getting as crowded as the Republican presidential primary. Two more longtime lawmakers, State Senator Catherine Pugh and City Councilman Carl Stokes, announced that they’ll both be running in the Democratic primary in April, bringing the list of contenders to seven.