The 12th Mayoral Candidate Has Entered the Race

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We now have a full dozen Democrat mayoral wannabes in Baltimore, now that another candidate has announced his intentions to run.

Joshua Harris sits on a lot of boards–Southwest Partnership, Charles Village Urban Renewal Plan Community Review Board, and Paul’s Place Community Advisory Board, according to the Sun–but other than that, he doesn’t keep a particularly high profile. The Sun has also identified this guy as the Joshua Harris in question, though his LinkedIn page paints him as more of a PR guy than a politician. He did immediately delete his Twitter feed (though you can find it via the Wayback Machine), which is a classic politician step, however.

And hey–maybe running for mayor is actually a brilliant public relations move, and this guy is a genius. In any case, he joins 11 other Democrats (and a smattering of others who don’t really matter, let’s face it) in the campaign to be the next mayor of Baltimore.

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