DeRay Mckesson Gets a Job (Not Mayor) in Baltimore

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DeRay Mckesson‘s bid to become Baltimore’s next mayor may have failed, but the Black Lives Matter activist will have a new job working for the city next year.

Mckesson will serve as interim chief human capital officer under the new CEO of Baltimore City public schools, Sonja Santelises. The job may well be a better fit than mayor for Mckesson; before his current career in political activism, he spent years working in education, first with Teach for America (TFA) and then as senior director of human capital for public schools in Minneapolis. Mckesson’s connections with TFA have raised some eyebrows among critics, who worry that he’s too closely aligned with an organization that advocates for privatizing public schools. (Mckesson kinda sorta refutes this. But only kind of.)

Mckesson will have his work cut out for him. As the Sun notes, the school system has struggled with keeping schools staffed and with paying teachers on time.

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  1. Looking forward to what changes you are going to bring to Baltimore and our educational system.
    Baltimore needs you DeRay!

  2. Hope that public health prevention is a part of the school solution. Students need their emotional and physical health as a foundation for learning.

  3. wishing this guy well and hoping he applies all that he learned at Bowdoin College and elsewhere to better Baltimore. In addition, I’m hoping that he can see himself as a link for the system to create opportunity and move forward. That s where we need to go….

  4. Right, Best of luck in the 140K/year job and continue to associate with the peace loving and very unradical BLM movement that condones the killing of police officers….white ones are really great targets. If I were a “community organizer/activist” even loosely associated with this type of organization, my employer would ask me to disassociate or find other work.

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