At around noon on Monday, the above picture was posted to Gawker. Gawker got it from Jim Romenesko’s blog. Jim Romenesko got it from Tim Windsor’s Twitter account. Apparently this is what the front page of the Baltimore Sun‘s website looked like Sunday night.

I checked recently and the site was back to normal, so I can’t verify it. 

Anyway, it appears that at least one of the graphic designers involved was under the impression that computer screens can only reproduce three colors.

I hope the Sun made a lot of money off this spot. I mean, it almost looks like they were hacked.

4 replies on “Did The Baltimore Sun’s Website Really Look Like This Sunday Night?”

  1. I can confirm baltimoresun.com looked like this yesterday, Monday the 26th. I felt embarrassed for them.

  2. i saw it. it looked like crap! i feel like they shouldn’t charge to read their articles when they subject their readers to things like this.

  3. A classic tail wagging the dog moment – when did an advertiser start to have so much control over impressions?

  4. WTF?!

    And they wonder why paid subscriptions are down. Well, when you eviscerate your newsroom and devote most of the paper to raving about sports, what can you expect?

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