Discovery Channel Desecrates Shark Week with Fake Documentary

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Discovery might as well have aired a "documentary" on the sharktopus
Discovery might as well have aired a “documentary” on the sharktopus

This isn’t local, but it’s about Shark Week, a venerable American institution that touches us all.

After 26 years of delivering sort-of-educational shark programming to its viewers one week every summer, Discovery decided that factual portrayals of the ocean predators were no longer interesting enough. Not with movies like Sharktopus and Sharknado upping the ante and taking sharktertainment (entersharkment?) to a level only available to those with no commitment to plausibility.

So Discovery kicked off this year’s Shark Week with a “documentary” about a real prehistoric shark called Megalodon: The Monster Shark That Lives. And that would be fine if they had stuck to the facts about this “very much extinct apex predator.” (It’s three times the length of a great white!) But as you can guess from the subtitle, they opted to portray the species as still patrolling the oceans. They even faked photographs and “found” footage.

Many are outraged. Others now believe a totally untrue thing:

Thanks Discovery! For all I know, that kid learns exactly one new thing about sharks every year, and this year it was a bald lie!

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