Does This Baby Sloth Look Like a Luna to You? How About an Iris?

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Last month, the National Aquarium announced a naming contest for their brand-new, probably (but not definitely) female baby sloth. More than 1700 names were entered, and aquarium officials picked four finalists for the public to vote on. Unfortunately, our readers’ suggestions for the name (Bugly; Speedy; Lightning McQueen; Wookiee) did not make the cut. Which of the five finalist names (listed below) is your favorite?

The options:
-Iris, “In honor of the beautiful flower”
-Camden, “In honor of the city it was born in, Baltimore, and the winning baseball season”
-Waylay, “Meaning surprise, like the baby was for Ivy”
-Izzy, “Submitted by a teacher on behalf of a Frederick County Public School class that selected the name”
-Luna, “Meaning moon in Spanish”

Personally, I’d opt for Camden — as the baby sloth grows up, it’ll be a pleasant reminder of this exciting baseball season. And plus, if she turns out to actually be a he, the name works just fine. Vote for your favorite here between now and November 15!

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  1. Looks like your instincts were right! We’re very pleased with the public’s decision to name our baby sloth Camden! Thanks for sharing our contest 🙂

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