Courtesy Domino Sugar Baltimore/Facebook
Courtesy Domino Sugar Baltimore/Facebook

An old, but reliable Plymouth train engine at the Domino Sugar Refinery has a shiny new paint job, and the company is offering a sweet reward to the person who gives it a good, fitting name.

The locomotive has been a mainstay at the South Baltimore refinery for decades, where it hauls sugar of many varieties in railcars. A lot has changed during the refinery’s 90-plus years at the location on Key Highway. The operators have made headlines in recent years for good reasons, like going solar on their beloved 51-year-old sign, and bad reasons, like a multi-floor explosion. But during that time and for many decades before, the unnamed engine has moved tons and tons of sugar through within its walls.

The winner of the naming contest gets bragging rights, as well as a prize pack with Domino Sugar products and assorted promotional items. Participants need only log onto Facebook and leave their most clever or fitting suggestion in the comments.

The contest began this past Monday and runs until Oct. 27. Two days in, entrants have submitted more than 100 name proposals, so there is some competition. However, our readers can surely best suggestions like “Trainie McTrainface” and “Eugene.”

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  1. 10-19-16


    I have been severely compromised on Facebook, Twitter an gmail and do not have accounts with any of these social media outlets anymore.

    Is there any possibility that you could revise your rules to accept the naming of the train engine via email also? And include email in subsequent promotions.

    Scamming and identity theft does happen on Facebook. FB has approximately 600,000 hacking/scamming attempts per day in a recent report.

    Thanks for your time. I look forward to a response.

    Anne S

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