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Coppin State Police Officer a Finalist in PETA’s ‘Sexiest Vegan Next Door’ Contest

Photo via PETA/Michael Baysmore

Michael Baysmore of the Coppin State Police Department is back in the news for another good, but very different reason.

Now, a Chance to Name the Maryland Zoo’s Two Grizzly Cubs

Photo by Jeffrey F. Bill, Courtesy of Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Remember those two furry beasts recently taken in by the Maryland Zoo in Druid Hill Park? The zoo is now offering the public a chance to name them.

Baltimore Wins EPA Contest to Fund Crowdsourced Air Quality Monitoring System


The U.S. Environmental Protection is writing a $40,000 check to the City of Baltimore to help it harness the power of crowdsourced data and local partnerships to monitor air pollution.

Domino Sugar Refinery Seeks Help Naming Repainted Train Engine

Courtesy Domino Sugar Baltimore/Facebook
Courtesy Domino Sugar Baltimore/Facebook

An old, but reliable Plymouth train engine at the Domino Sugar Refinery has a shiny new paint job, and the company is offering a sweet reward to the person who gives it a good, fitting name.

Airline Offers Free Florida Trip From BWI



There is one catch: Only the very spontaneous need apply.

Don’t Throw Away That Stale Easter Candy: Peeps Contest this Week at SPSG




St. Paul’s School for Girls’ Fourth Annual Peeps Diorama Contest is going on this week.  Peeps, the yellow marshmallow chicks popular at Easter, have found renewed popularity in the last couple of years with the start of diorama contests across the country.  The first Peeps diorama contest was held in 2004 by the Pioneer Press in St. Paul Minnesota.  A few years later the Washington Post followed with its own “Peeps Show.”

What made SPSG get into the act?

The Cornucopia - A "Hunger Games" themed Peeps diorama at SPSG