St. Paul’s School for Girls’ Fourth Annual Peeps Diorama Contest is going on this week.  Peeps, the yellow marshmallow chicks popular at Easter, have found renewed popularity in the last couple of years with the start of diorama contests across the country.  The first Peeps diorama contest was held in 2004 by the Pioneer Press in St. Paul Minnesota.  A few years later the Washington Post followed with its own “Peeps Show.”

What made SPSG get into the act?

“St. Paul’s School for Girls is affiliated with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown Baltimore and the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. As such, we are aware of various programs and activities of the Diocese. In 2009, Bishop Eugene Sutton, Bishop of Maryland, announced a Peeps diorama contest entitled “All God’s Peeps,” in which Biblical verses and stories were themes. The Peeps contest is exclusively a Maryland Diocese event,” SPSG Director of Communications Beth Smith writes in an email.

She adds that Dr. Monica Gillespie, head of SPSG, is a fan of marshmallow Peeps in all colors. Borrowing on Bishop Sutton’s idea, Dr. Gillespie announced a Peeps diorama contest. The SPSG Peeps contest is wide open with no theme. Diorama creators, which include students, teachers and staff members, are encouraged to let their imagination be their guide.

The contest lasts about a week and the entries are displayed on tables in the front hall at SPSG. Entries are judged sometimes by ballot, sometimes by committee. Prizes are Peep-brand registered  items ordered from the the Peep Company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. (The Pioneer Press Peeps contest prize? A toothbrush.)

“The contest is great fun, and everyone enjoys viewing the Peeps dioramas – a sign of spring at SPSG,” says Smith.


Susan Gerardo Dunn is the founding editor and publisher of Baltimore Fishbowl.