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Home Sweet Home: Mouth Party Caramels Expands To New Digs After Floods Last Summer


The founder of Mouth Party Caramels, B.G. Purcell, is remarkably calm and collected but full of energy. Purcell tries not to dwell on the fact that around this time last year, she watched her commercial kitchen in Meadow Mill fill with water from a flood on the Jones Falls River.

Survey: Marylanders Picked Almond Joy As Their Top Halloween Candy in 2015

Via Influenster.com
Via Influenster.com

We’re less than two weeks away from Halloween, which means you need to start stocking up on candy. According to one survey, Almond Joy may be the crowd favorite – among adults, at least.

Maryland Mom Put Needles in her Kids’ Halloween Candy

Photo via Maryland State Police
Photo via Maryland State Police

Stories of needles and razorblades in Halloween candy always seemed like urban legends to me. But last month, a woman in Calvert County reported to police that she discovered sewing needles inside candy her five-year-old daughter had received while trick-or-treating. Yesterday, though, the story took an interesting turn.

Rhapsody in June



the-delaware-seashore in June

I am never going to leave Virginia Beach, where the boardwalk is stone and the hotels are a wall of blocks flanked by mulched banks of flowers. The bike trail veers from the oceanfront through a pine forest, deep and green. The waves are so gentle they almost don’t break. We have a coupon for a free drink at the bar.

In Narragansett, the bay is true navy with white sails scudding, the beach a smile of sand in a rocky clasp. There is no retail anything anywhere, not a hot dog stand, not a hotel. We dragged chairs for a quarter-mile to study real estate listings on the beach. If we had to leave we would surely return.

What We Can Learn from the Fells Pt. Candy Bar Thief



On New Year’s Eve last Monday, a few minutes before eight p.m., a 40-something man–5’10”, 170 pounds (read more at The Baltimore Sun)–strode through a Royal Farms in Fells Point tossing boxes of candy bars into a bag he’d brought from home.

“Are you stealing that?” asked the slack-jawed clerk.

“Yes,” replied the bold, weapon-free thief, who stole $180 worth of candy and still remains on the potentially sugar-spiked run this week.

An employee stood in his exiting path, but he merely pushed her aside. My semi-serious question for the guy: Did you perhaps intend to stop eating candy on January 1, and therefore binge wicked bad on 12/31?

Don’t Throw Away That Stale Easter Candy: Peeps Contest this Week at SPSG




St. Paul’s School for Girls’ Fourth Annual Peeps Diorama Contest is going on this week.  Peeps, the yellow marshmallow chicks popular at Easter, have found renewed popularity in the last couple of years with the start of diorama contests across the country.  The first Peeps diorama contest was held in 2004 by the Pioneer Press in St. Paul Minnesota.  A few years later the Washington Post followed with its own “Peeps Show.”

What made SPSG get into the act?

The Cornucopia - A "Hunger Games" themed Peeps diorama at SPSG