When it comes to presidential candidates, we’re used to reporting about O’Malley and Carson. In a break from that new normal, The Donald descended on these parts last night for a speech to Republicans at the BWI Marriott. Instead of graciously thanking the area that was hosting him, Trump gave Baltimore a lecture.

According to Bloomberg, Trump started out praising the city:

“Baltimore is a very, very special case, and it’s a very sad thing that’s happening there. And I know Baltimore…and I love Baltimore, and I love what it represents, and where it’s gone, and now you look at what happened in one night, just in one night.”

But that was just a setup to criticize Obama, and then circle back to Baltimore:

“…there’s no spirit, there’s killings on an hourly basis, virtually, in places like Baltimore and Chicago, certain sections of Chicago, and many other places…Baltimore needs jobs, and it needs spirit. It’s got no spirit, none.”

Reporter Melinda Henneberger relays that Trump said he didn’t really want to come to Baltimore anyway, and only did so as a favor.

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

7 replies on “Donald Trump: Baltimore’s ‘Got No Spirit. None’”

  1. I felt so bad for Ivaka who was forced to introduce the Idiot when he announced he was a candidate for president, then screwed his election chances in one fell swoop. What self respecting Latino voter would ever vote for that Moron? After all, according to Trump, they’re mostly thieves, murderers, and rapists except for a few. How could Baltimoreons have hoped for more? He discounted an entire ethnic group! Trump, ol’ Boy, you’re FIRED!

  2. I was at the event and Melinda Henneberger is taking Donald Trump’s remark out of context. Mr Trump was directing a joke to his friend David Cordish who was instrumental in bringing Donald Trump as the featured speaker for the evenings event. Mr Trump was being playful with the audience and his remark brought laughter from the entire audience.

    This is the context of the remark,. Mr Cordish called and asked Mr Trump to be the featured speaker for the evenings event. Mr Trump replied to Mr Cordish he was very busy and really didn’t have time to do it. Mr Trump than asked Mr Cordish ” I’ll only do it as a favor to you David”. Mr Cordish replied, “than it’s a favor to me”. Mr Trump remarked he couldn’t turn down a favor to his good friend David. Mr Trump’s delivery of the conversation was directed and being playful towards his long time friend Mr Cordish who was seated at the head table in front of the podium.

    Mr Trump at no time during the speech ever disparaged the city of Baltimore or its citizens.

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