Don’t Try to Cheat at the Maryland Live Casino

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If you’ve entertained the thought at trying a little high-stakes cheating at the Maryland Live Casino in Arundel Mills, here’s my advice: Don’t.

According to this weekend’s Washington Post story, the surveillance team at the casino is on par with its neighbors over at the NSA. The security team is 200-officers strong, and there are 1,200 cameras scattered throughout the casino.

The security operatives deep in the bowels of the casino spend their days (and nights) staring at banks of monitors, watching for sleight of hand. They are “trained to identify things that don’t make sense,” Rob Norton, the casino’s president told the Post. The security is intense at most casinos, but Maryland Live is especially aware that it has something to prove. As a new property, it was seen as vulnerable by the gambling world’s sneakiest crooks.

“A number of known cheaters came in and tried to take advantage of us, because we were a new operation. They really ran at us for about a month, ” Norton says. Cards were counted; chips were stolen. The security system is meant to circumvent all that. Two-thirds of Maryland Live’s revenue goes to the state in taxes, which are earmarked for education–so by stopping the cheaters, the casino is really helping our schools. So don’t try any funny business–it’s bad karma… and they’ll probably catch you, anyway.

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