Dozens of Johns Hopkins Employees Fall Mysteriously Ill

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I guess if your workplace makes you sick, it might as well be Johns Hopkins — given their recent track record on cures, they’ll probably be able to figure out how to handle the mysterious ailment that’s caused dozens of employees to fall ill over the past week.

At least 34 employees of the Johns Hopkins at Keswick complex in Hampden have complained of headaches, nausea, and light-headedness. Last week, when 23 employees reported symptoms, the school traced the source to a contaminated hot water heater that contained nitrates and nitrites. The school quickly replaced that heater and flushed the system, but people are still getting sick — even though tests are showing low-to-normal levels of nitrates and nitrites in the facility’s water system. Tests are currently on-going.

The school made the decision to shut down the complex last Wednesday, but employees returned to work on Thursday. No incidents were reported that week, but yesterday 11 reported symptoms; 7 of those were taken to the hospital. As far as I can tell, the Keswick complex is definitely not a secret testing lab for terrifying biological warfare experiments.

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