Dreaming of Spring

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On a cold February morning, the temperature says winter, but the light says spring. The brightness brings daydreams; in my mind’s eye I see new blooms.


By our front steps, snowdrops dangle their little white heads.


As does a friend’s Pieris japonica.


I covet a neighbor’s spicy witch hazel.


Ditto the snowdrop anemones at Ladew Topiary Gardens.


And the corylopsis on Walnut Hill.


A blanket of crocuses on a Roland Park lot never developed seems a miracle each year. Ahhh, green space.


Forget-me-knots spread along our flagstone paths.


Early spring is my favorite time in our garden. Tall perennials still sleep below the ground, but resilient 90-year old peonies are doing their pushups, letting us know they’ve made it through another winter. Come on, spring!

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  1. Yes, Yes, YES, Kathy. So many little moments of crowning green to come, and yellow – I crave the simple joy of forsythia buds! Soon…

  2. I don’t think the “empty lot” was never developed. I’m confident there was once a house on it. If you have a copy of Crowning the Gravelly Hill, look for the photographs of Rusty Rocks. I seem to remember that you could see the rear of a large Tudor house directly behind it, which corresponds with the location of the empty lot. The house is similar to style to the other Tudors on Club Road.

    And this picture of Boulder Lane from the RP website seems to confirm it:

    We don’t see the house but there’s a garage with Tudor detailings that would have been the garage for this missing house as it sits at the bottom of that empty lot.

    This picture also seems to confirm the house:

    It’s the path from Club to Boulder Lane. The empty lot side has a large hedge, implying that there was a house.

    I remember noticing this some years ago and was fascinated about this “lost” house and why it’s gone. Perhaps it burned down. Perhaps it was bought by the country club in an early expansion?

    • Thanks to all for your nice comments and to Tally Ho for the informative links. I can see the roof of something in the picture on the RP website. I also see the picture in Crowning the Gravelly Hill. Will take the book up to Rusty Rocks and explore that view. Wonder if the missing house burned down in 1931 when fire destroyed the first shingled clubhouse?

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