DuClaw Brewing Gets a HopGun

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Growing from its ’90s roots as a brewpub, DuClaw Brewing Company now churns out 24 seasonal beers a year. The beer is on shelves and taps are scattered across the mid-Atlantic. They even have a fancy outlet at BWI.

But those gallons and gallons of beer, which are produced in a nondescript warehouse at DuClaw’s brewery off Pulaski Highway in Rosedale, remain the work of a tight team of four brewers.

“Everyone thinks you’re so much bigger than you are,” said DuClaw President David Benfield.

Distribution has ramped up over the last few years, leading Benfield to search for new answers to speed up the process. The challenge for the area’s craft beer O.G., of course, is maintaining the flavor and quality of the beer, lest they should stoop to the tactics of the dreaded macros that they deride.

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