Duff Goldman’s Cakes Are All Over This New Katy Perry Video

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Charm City Cakes proprietor designed Katy Perry's "Birthday" cakes

If I had directed the video for Katy Perry’s new single “Birthday,” I definitely wouldn’t have decided to write the lyrics on cakes, notepads, and other props. With lines like “So let me get you in your birthday suit / It’s time to bring out the big balloons” I think I’d try to focus the viewer’s attention on something else. But then if I had directed the video it wouldn’t have turned into a three-and-a-half-minute showcase of Duff Goldman’s cake-making chops.

The Charm City Cakes proprietor was tapped to craft the ingenious confections for the video (though as you might expect, the cakes were created at Goldman’s Los Angeles-based Cakemix bakery). Standout include a suit cake, a hamburger cake, and a Rubik’s Cube cake.

Goldman said the collaboration between his 12-person staff and the video’s producers was “a really intense affair, putting it all together, but really cool — it made us feel like a part of what they were doing.” After having their concept sketches approved by the producers, Goldman and company had less than a week to complete the sweets.

But if you see Duff around town, don’t ask him what Perry is like in real life; he never got to meet her. The day she was on set Goldman “bit the bullet” and made a scheduled deliver to Malibu. But apparently his staff got to do a little hobnobbing.

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