Dundalk Will Pay You $5000 to Move There

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Ah, Dundalk — it’s the land of drunks and teenage pregnancy and pit bulls biting toddlers in the face… So goes the stereotype, at least. So it’s no wonder that Dundalk leaders are starting a major effort to rebrand the town.

Part of that re-branding effort includes offering $5,000 to people who buy a home in Dundalk; 30 of the grants are available.

“What we really want to do with this effort is amplify and validate some of the choices that those people have already made and convince more people that Dundalk is worth a look,” Amy Menzer of the Dundalk Renaissance Corporation told WJZ.

Are you convinced?

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  1. Your kidding right..I have wrote every politician in Dundalk for help and surrounding areas for help so I don’t lose my home of 14 years because my plant closed and there are no jobs, and you want to pay someone 5K to move into Dundalk? Thats community spirit, why don’t you help the people that are here first? When I moved here from Ohio 25 years ago, that is what I liked about Dundalk was the community spirit.. Gee thanks….

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