Ed Schrader Makes Normal Look Weird with Pop-up Restaurant

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When I first saw a “Pasta the Gathering” flier circulating the Internet, I was certain it was a joke. It promised a prix-fixe, three-course meal at Mt. Vernon’s Soup’s On featuring the “authentic Italian-American cooking of Utica, N.Y.” brought to you by local talk-show host and musician (and now, chef) Ed Schrader. Yeah right.

A few years back, Ed designed a flier for a similarly ludicrous event and posted it around town. It looked like this:



Turns out, though those cats never did “set sail” in the Inner Harbor, the whole guerrilla restaurant thing is legit. And the food is actually good. And it’s also something that Ed Schrader and his co-chef Kevin Sherry take very seriously and are now doing on the regular.

At this point it’s so high-concept it’s not even art.


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