Baltimore’s Edgar Allan Poe statue.

The anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday brings visitors from around the country to Baltimore every year to celebrate his life and legacy. 

This year, Poe’s Magic Theatre will present a special celebration event commemorating Poe’s 214th birthday on Thursday, Jan. 19.

General admission to the event includes a murder mystery hosted by Poe’s Magic Theatre owner Vince Wilson. 

Poe’s annual celebration of life has been going on for decades around his gravesite and the The Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum, but “every year it’s getting bigger, better, and more of a theatrical production,” Wilson said. 

In an entertaining murder mystery game, attendees will solve the narrative of an anonymous individual known as “The Poe Toaster” who left cognac and roses at Poe’s grave for decades until he was murdered at the gravesite.

With the killer on the loose, Poe fans will need to follow clues around the cemetery where the writer is buried, investigate the evidence, participate in experiments, and follow in the footsteps of a killer to solve the crime. 

Fans can also take part in a graveside birthday toast, enjoy free refreshments, and take a guided tour of Westminster Hall & Burying Grounds, including the catacombs.

VIP packages include early entry and a special bus tour of Poe’s final days in Baltimore, which will explore the mystery around the poet’s death. 

This one-hour bus tour includes Poe’s two gravesites, where he was found, the hospital where he died, as well as The Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum. 

Each year, hundreds of visitors come to Baltimore on the poet’s birthday remembering his literary contribution and honoring his legacy. 

“He’s internationally recognized because he’s overcome so many obstacles which have drawn a lot of people to his story,” Wilson said. “His stories are engaging and resonate with us today so we’ll continue to celebrate who he is.”

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