Ellicott City’s Zac Fowler: a Seven-Year-Old with Drive

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Zac's first kart, being sold on craigslist

When I was very young I would lie and say I wanted to be either an astronaut, or a firefighter, or a sort of firefighting astronaut, putting out blazes in zero-gravity. I had no idea what I what I really wanted to do for a living — certainly not something as pulse-raising as those professions — but people expected an answer.

Apparently, that is not an issue Zac Fowler, 7, has ever had to deal with. He knew what he wanted to be at three years old — a race car driver. But what’s really remarkable is that Zac got a jump on living his dream the next year, when his parents bought him a go-kart and let him begin to “get a feel” for the gas and brake pedals. At five he began competing at Sandy Hook Speedway.  And now, the Ellicott City resident is vying for a national go-kart title.

Zac, who recently traded in his first go-kart, which was “like driving a Weed Eater” for a new one that’s “more like a lawn mower,” has already won 13 trophies. My only wonder is, if he becomes the national go-kart champion, will he just pack it all in? I mean, will there be anything left to prove?

Unlikely. His parents are already looking into moving to Mooresville, North Carolina, a major NASCAR hub.

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