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Enter below to win an e-cloth.
Enter below to win an e-cloth.

Have you heard of these e-cloths? Maybe you read our story With E-Cloth, Just Add Water for Household Cleaning? E-Cloths are microfiber cloths that clean all the surfaces of your home without chemicals. Though skeptical at first about cleaning with water only, these cloths work. We have six e-cloths to give away!

Baltimore Fishbowl’s Beneath the Surface series has focused on just that: chemical-free living.  Check out our articles below to learn why it’s smart to reduce your exposure to the many untested chemicals found in everyday consumer products.

To enter the e-cloth giveaway to win one of three window packs, or one of three kitchen packs, visit this link, and leave a comment at the bottom of the article. Winners will be chosen on Tuesday, September 29, at 5 p.m. Happy toxin-free cleaning.

This article is part of our year-long series, Beneath the Surface: What’s in Everyday Consumer Products. Articles in this series will examine how prevalent synthetic chemicals are in everyday products, and the consequences of their use to our health and our environment.

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