Even Perez Hilton Is Gushing About This Kitten-Loving Baltimore Cop

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“Jon Boyer is a cop in Baltimore, and a certified hunk! He’s not only a protector of the people, he’s a kitten savior!!” That’s Perez Hilton’s take on Baltimore’s increasingly celebrated stray-animal-adopting police officer, but it’s pretty much the consensus view.

Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter staff took a picture of Boyer posing with a kitten he’d rescued from a vacant house. The picture went viral, and now the 26-year-old has a Facebook fan page (with 4,561 likes and counting) dedicated to him called “I love Jon Boyer.” Strangely, the page appears to be managed by Boyer himself. But what’s a little narcissism in the name of animal adoption?

According to WJZ, Boyer will not disclose whether he is single. Keep ’em guessing, Jon! And keep saving those animals!

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