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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
6:00pm – 7:30pm | FREE!
The Institute for Integrative Health
1407 Fleet St
Baltimore, MD
Increased energy, mental agility, and a positive mood have long been hailed as benefits of mindfulness, a way of experiencing our lives moment by moment. Now there’s growing scientific evidence to suggest that mindfulness also slows cellular aging and boosts the immune system.

This interactive, experiential session will demystify the elusive thing called mindfulness and explain what it means for your health, including its impact on stress hormones, brain density, and chromosomes. You’ll discover what mindfulness feels like and learn about its potential to improve mood, self-esteem, task performance and decision-making as well as to alleviate pain.

The session will also introduce you to exercises and resources for becoming more mindful.

Admission is free but reservations are required:
Doors open at 5:30p.m.