Event Pick: Learn how to make informative art out of your neighborhood’s storm drains

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As Patterson Park has shown us, even an alley can be fully beautified with the right tools. Tonight, local nonprofit Blue Water Baltimore will kick off a series of workshops teaching city residents how to make their neighborhoods’ storm drains come to life in a visually appealing and educational way.

The workshop, to be held in a classroom at the organization’s Remington headquarters, will teach attendees how to use stencils to add designs to the otherwise mundane gutters that swallow up water and debris from the city’s streets. You may have seen these designs around town with spray-painted, colorful aquatic life and all-caps reminders, such as “PROTECT OUR WATER” and “A HEALTHY HARBOR STARTS HERE.”

Essentially, beyond making the drains unusually eye-catching, the program helps to remind Baltimore to ditch its ugly habit of tossing trash into the street that then flows to streams and, ultimately, the harbor.

Attendees will get an overview of Blue Water Baltimore’s drain-enhancing program, and leave prepared to mobilize their neighbors. They can also borrow a stencil kit, which goes for a $5 weekly donation while in use, per the nonprofit’s website.

The organization is asking for a $5 minimum donation from attendees for tonight. To register, send a note to [email protected]

Those who miss this one can learn up at future workshops on April 10, May 3, May 22 and June 14. (Be sure to include “Storm Drain Art Workshop” with the date in the subject line.)

6-7:30 p.m., minimum $5 requested donation, 2631 Sisson St., (410) 254-1577, bluewaterbaltimore.org.

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