Event Pick: Mix your own cocktail at Sagamore Spirit

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There’s no better feeling after knocking off work than heading to a bar for a nice cocktail or two to unwind from day-to-day stresses. But that can add up quick. Tonight, employees at the Sagamore Spirit distillery will show attendees how to mix two drinks, the Black-Eyed Rye and Maryland Mule, using the company’s signature rye whiskey.

Sure, this recurring event costs $35, which doesn’t really help with that whole trying-to-save-money thing, but it also comes with a tour of the Sagamore distillery and a lesson on flavor combinations and specialty bar tools. And that’s something you can take back to your home bar to use again and again.

6:30-7:15 p.m., Sagamore Spirit, 301 E. Cromwell St., (410) 624-7488, sagamorespirit.com, $35.

Brandon Weigel

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