The Most Expensive House in Maryland Is… Ugly

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Sure, taste is an individual matter and all that. But can we agree that the house above, which is apparently the most expensive house for sale in the state (according to Forbes), is kinda ugly?

That’s not to say that if someone made me a gift of this Potomac property — which includes 9 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and 2 kitchens among its 25,000+ square feet — I would turn it down. Oh, and it also has ceiling designs by a “Buckingham Palace artisan,” a servants’ entry/living quarters, a pool/sauna, and a heated driveway.  If you’re tempted, it’s listed for $9.25 million.

That's quite an entrance.
That’s quite an entrance.

Also included: bragging rights for having bought the most expensive house in the state. Even if it does look sprawling and awkwardly designed.

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