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The Paradox, which was a home of Baltimore club, is set to close after 25 years.

Club owner Wayne Davis posted a letter on Facebook announcing the closure of the South Baltimore spot in 2016. An official closing date has yet to be set, but the letter said the Dox would close in the middle of the year.

The letter noted that the club’s last dance will come in the year as the Paradox celebrates its 25th anniversary.

“It has been the goal of owner Wayne Davis to reach this milestone, overcoming the mercurial and ever-changing dynamics of the entertainment industry,” the letter states.

According to a City Paper article from 2008, Davis opened the club in the renovated warehouse at 1310 Russell St. after a long career as a DJ. The club started catering to house music, but later went onto become a hotspot for Baltimore club, the a mix of hip-hop and house that gained nationwide fame. Parties played various forms of dance music. The Paradox didn’t serve alcohol, so parties could go all night.

“The moments, relationships and lasting friendships created within its walls, will sustain the spirit and memories for the next generation and beyond,” the letter said. “Until the last dance, we would like to invite everyone to share in the energy, the music and the dance for the final months of this Baltimore treasure.”

The Paradox announcement follows the closure of The Hippo, whose owners announced it was shuttering earlier this year to make way for a CVS in Mt. Vernon.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.