Family-owned cannabis purveyor puts down roots in Lutherville

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The state-of-the-art grow rooms at Curio Wellness are maintained by dedicated cultivators who ensure premium products are produced for Maryland patients. (Handout photo)

Singling out the right seedling to become the matriarch, or “mother plant,” for a full-fledged cannabis-growing operation is a lot like a family competition, says Wendy Bronfein, marketing director for Curio Wellness in Lutherville.

“You plant all these seeds and it’s almost like having a family with a bunch of kids,” says Bronfein. “They all came from the same parent, but they’re all different.

So which plant proves to be, kind of in a survival-of-the-fittest sense, the strongest and best-looking plant to … become the mother?”

Bronfein, 37, and her father, Michael, CEO of Curio Wellness, have watched their cultivation team perfect this process since they first began growing cannabis last year.

Curio, the business they co-founded, has been awarded a trio of state licenses to cultivate, process and dispense the drug. The company is among 14 licensed growers across the state and 102 dispensaries that have opened or are still setting up around the state.

Read more about the company’s origins, holistic approach and growing and dispensary facilities over at Jmore.

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