What do actor John Krasinski, designer Stella McCartney, and filmmaker Spike Lee have in common? Sure, they’re all mega-talented. But equally important: Focused and driven. How did they succeed early in life? Each one grabbed a great internship before entering the real world. Krasinski on “Conan O’Brien”; McCartney at Christian Lacroix; Lee at Columbia Pictures. The rest is history.

If you like to blog journalistically and take pictures, you might be just the future-famous person we’re looking for.

Baltimore Fishbowl summer intern requirements in a nutshell:

We’re hunting for a college-age someone (tech- and internet-savvy), who can write one post a day, photograph, and fill in the calendar.

As for dream characteristics? Hate to say it, but selfless team player. The trick of all winning interns. Sucking up is optional. But not discouraged.

Payoff: A small stipend. You get to work from home. If you’re asked to attend a meeting, you’ll receive a free iced coffee in the bargain. But, please, run to the counter, if you would, and pick up drinks for the rest of us?

If your answer’s “Sure thing,” and you write well, we can’t wait to meet you — write to us today! (Please shoot us an email about yourself and one brief writing sample.)

suzy@baltimorefishbowl.com or betsy@baltimorefishbowl.com