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Funding Not Renewed for Blog That Tracks Liquor Board


liquor_store2Watchdog reporting suffered a local blow this fall. A blog that tracks happenings at the Baltimore City Liquor Board is set to cut back.

The Mobbies Bash – Applauding Area Bloggers


Baltimore is brimming with creative types, and nowhere is this more apparent than the Baltimore Blogosphere.  We have our dedicated sports bloggers for all things Raven and Orioles, our food bloggers, our fashion bloggers, our personal bloggers, our tech bloggers, and so much more.  Our area bloggers offer a little something for everyone and anyone.

Each year, the Baltimore Sun hosts The Mobbies, or Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs.  Marylanders nominate their favorite blogs. Twitter accounts, instagram handles and many more, in an array of categories. Baltimore Sun readers are then encouraged to vote for their top picks.  Here at the Baltimore Fishbowl, we are proud to have been nominated in a few categories and cannot wait to see the results.  Voting is now complete, with the winners to be announced at the Mobbies Bash.

This Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Creative Alliance, the Baltimore Sun is hosting their annual celebration of our city’s bustling social media scene.  Come to this election-themed happy hour sponsored by Flying Dog Brewery and Clementine at Creative Alliance and cross your fingers for your favorite social media savant.  Get creative; go old school and show up as a “hanging chad,” or more current and be a perpetually confused state of Florida.  Much like choosing the president or your favorite blogs, you decide in 2012!

The Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD

November 14, 2012

Because it’s election-themed, because we have amazing bloggers in this city, and because we won’t be missing this opportunity to meet them!

Famous Former Interns (You Can Be One, Too, Baltimore!)


What do actor John Krasinski, designer Stella McCartney, and filmmaker Spike Lee have in common? Sure, they’re all mega-talented. But equally important: Focused and driven. How did they succeed early in life? Each one grabbed a great internship before entering the real world. Krasinski on “Conan O’Brien”; McCartney at Christian Lacroix; Lee at Columbia Pictures. The rest is history.

If you like to blog journalistically and take pictures, you might be just the future-famous person we’re looking for.

Baltimore Fishbowl summer intern requirements in a nutshell:

We’re hunting for a college-age someone (tech- and internet-savvy), who can write one post a day, photograph, and fill in the calendar.

As for dream characteristics? Hate to say it, but selfless team player. The trick of all winning interns. Sucking up is optional. But not discouraged.

Payoff: A small stipend. You get to work from home. If you’re asked to attend a meeting, you’ll receive a free iced coffee in the bargain. But, please, run to the counter, if you would, and pick up drinks for the rest of us?

If your answer’s “Sure thing,” and you write well, we can’t wait to meet you — write to us today! (Please shoot us an email about yourself and one brief writing sample.)

[email protected] or [email protected]


The Audacity of Despair: David Simon Starts Crotchety Blog


David Simon has never seemed like a very… bloggy person. Case in point:  the introductory post on his new blog spends a lot of time griping about the “e-race to the bottom” of online content:  “I have no desire to contribute to that new economy by writing for free in any format,” Simon says.

Except that it seems as though his recent mini-controversy with the New York Times made Simon realize the upside of having a blog:  namely, that it’s a great place to be bluntly unhappy on a regular basis. And so he quietly launched DavidSimon.com, a site with an appropriately dour color scheme and pessimistic sub-head:  “The Audacity of Despair.” It is everything you could’ve hoped for.

So far, Simon has posted on the death of Levon Helm (who was in talks to perform a cameo on Treme), Trayvon Martin, James Agee, and the Pulitzer Prize. The posts tend to be long, nuanced critiques of the sorts of things that Simon has a beef with (contemporary TV culture, contemporary newspaper culture…). The man has a lot to say, and he says it well.  But my favorite post so far was a little vignette he posted on Sunday, included here in its entirety:

The #1 Social Media School in the U.S. is….


It’s not the same as being the nation’s best school according to the US News & World Report, or the #1 ranked Division I lacrosse team, but hey! it’s something:  Johns Hopkins was named the nation’s top social media college, according to StudentAdvisor.com.

Yep, the Blue Jays stomped all over Harvard, the previous top school, now miserably demoted to #2. As the rankings noted, their school’s social media Twitter group hasn’t posted anything since April 15 — which is eons in internet time. Nice try, Harvard. Hopkins has a wealth of bloggy info out there, including (school-sanctioned) blogs by a bunch of different undergrads, and the supremely helpful Hopkins Insider site run by the admissions office, which does some excellent, virtual hand-holding as prospective students navigate the application process. As of today, the school’s been tweeting for 3 years, 4 months, and 6 days, and has 13,961 followers.

So, what does this mean? According to the site, “StudentAdvisor.com’s Top Social Media Colleges ranking compares more than 6,000 federally recognized colleges and universities and post-secondary schools in the United States in terms of their mastery of public social media methods, tools and websites.” You hear that, Harvard? Mastery!

Ahem, anyway. The rankings are a little weird — tech powerhouse MIT lingers at #68, for example. And no other Baltimore-area schools make the list, while less-well-known universities (Transylvania University? Wafford College?) are up there. Still, who’s going to nitpick a #1 victory?